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                                                 ABOUT US


                                        David Weisman, L.L.C. was founded to bring
                                        heat processing expertise and quality, cost-effective
                                        process heat equipment to an expanded industrial customer

                                        We have over 34 years of experience designing and
                                        manufacturing commerical and industrial equipment,
                                        with the last 22 focused on the process
                                        heat oven and finishing systems industry.  We have
                                        had significant success building customer
                                        relationships and loyalty by solving their industrial oven
                                        and small to medium sized turnkey finishing
                                        and small to large sized web dryer and oven needs.           

                                        In addition, we consult for a variety of  
                                        Fortune 500, small businesses and OEM's
                                        (both large and small) in the conception, specification and 
                                        procurement of cellular, just right manufacturing, finishing systems and
                                        new industrial cure, heat, preheat, postheat, dry-off, and drying ovens.



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